Feeding a Growing Population, Sustainably

Our commitment to growing the world from the ground up means taking our role in protecting the planet seriously. By 2050, the agriculture sector will need to grow food for almost 10 billion people. At this pivotal moment in history we need to consider how we feed a growing world while minimizing our environmental footprint.

That’s why we’re introducing the industry’s most comprehensive carbon program, offering end-to-end support for growers to not only drive sustainable agriculture but also increase their profitability.

We’re raising the bar on what an agriculture company can do to make an impact on sustainable global food production.

How it Works

It starts at the farm. Nutrien is uniquely positioned with our direct relationship with over 500,000 growers globally to provide year-around agronomic solutions that enable growers to profit from the adoption of sustainable practices.


Nutrien Carbon Program Infographic (Nov 27 - Web)

The Road to Feeding the World

With a long-term goal to scale this program and build real, lasting change, Nutrien is also challenging all to come together to evolve the system and policies needed to unlock the potential of the agriculture industry as a leader in climate action, while meeting the challenge of feeding a growing global population.

Nutrien’s global reach supports partnerships with a broad base of value-chain and other stakeholders to create an ecosystem that enables the generation and monetization of positive carbon outcomes at scale, while helping to meet common sustainability goals and objectives.

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Carbon Program Announcement

To learn more about the program, read the News Release below.

News Release

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