We believe it’s critical to minimize the impact our operations or products have on the environment. We have comprehensive environmental stewardship programs at our sites and with key stakeholders.

Stewardship in our Operations

    Air Emissions

    Air Emissions

    We generate greenhouse gases (GHG) and other air emissions through the production of our products, particularly in our nitrogen business. Direct emissions are generated from burning natural gas and other fuels, while indirect emissions occur from the purchase of electricity, steam and heat.

    Our initiatives to help lower GHG and other emissions in our operations focus on:

    • Improving reliability and energy efficiency
    • Implementing carbon capture and storage at our Redwater nitrogen facility
    • Enhancing controls at our nitrogen plants
    Water Management

    Water Management

    Nutrien’s primary use of water is in our mining and fertilizer production processes. Our ongoing water management efforts include:

    • Reusing and recycling water within our operations where possible. Where water cannot be reused or recycled, it is tested to ensure compliance with applicable environmental standards before it is discharged to treatment plants, on-site underground injection wells or off-site surface water bodies.
    • Using wastewater from municipal treatment plants for process cooling instead of fresh water
    • Minimizing resource use by repurposing process outputs, such as reusing process cooling water for farmland irrigation

    Stewardship on the Farm

    Sustainable use of our products is important to Nutrien and we are committed to reducing the impact our products have on the environment after they leave our hands.

    Customized Technology and Services

    • Our certified crop advisors promote practices that can enhance yields and minimize environmental impact at the farm level.
    • Our precision agriculture technology and customized services can help growers reduce nutrients lost to the environment, protect soils, improve energy and water use, and enable more effective seed placement and use of crop protection product.

    Advances in Products

    • Our Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN) controlled-release fertilizer maximizes nitrogen use efficiency, boosts yield potential and helps minimize impact on the environment.
    • Our seed products include varieties bred to be drought and disease resistant, allowing growers to use less water and pest control products.

    Addressing Climate Change

    • Greenhouse gas emissions from farming activities can be reduced by using best management practices. Nutrien is a leader in supporting the Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reduction Protocol (NERP) and other technologies that help growers reduce their environmental footprint.

    Nutrients in the Environment

    We work with growers to help ensure nutrients are applied using the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework, designed to improve crop yields and reduce nutrient losses to air and water. Through the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework, Nutrien:

    • Supports research to help quantify the benefits of local best management practices
    • Provides certification training for retailers
    • Offers our Echelon platform to help growers apply nutrients with precision
    • Develops partnerships to promote the framework as best-practice locally and globally

    Nutrien facilities in Alberta are currently working with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) on upcoming operating approval renewals. As part of our ongoing commitment to engage our community, we welcome any questions or feedback from community members.

    Please review the following Applications for Renewal:


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