With our significant reach and influence, Nutrien can help find solutions to challenging global issues. Our efforts around the world help improve sustainable agriculture practices that support economic and social development in rural areas. We focus on responsibility in our supply chain, implement and share best practices, and encourage a culture of innovation - so we can create value for everyone associated with our business.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a set of ambitious global targets for participating countries. Nutrien is well positioned to make a meaningful contribution to many of the goals, most notably the end of hunger and poverty, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture.

By offering products and services that help growers increase crop yields in an environmentally responsible way, we impact the security of the world’s food supply.


Sustainable intensification of agriculture helps meet the following goals:

  • Producing more from the same land
  • Increasing profits to growers, which supports community and economic development
  • Reducing nutrient losses to the environment
  • Protecting habitat
  • Improving soil quality
Responsible supply chain

Responsible Supply Chain

Nutrien holds itself to the highest standards of business conduct and expects the same of its supply chain partners. We focus on responsibility in these areas:

Suppliers - Our Supplier Code of Ethics reflects the principals and fundamental expectations we have of any company that we do business with. It includes expectations for safety, health, environment, and human rights practices.

Product stewardship - Our product stewardship standards specify responsible practices for raw material purchasing, product development, quality assurance, registration and licensing, as well as the communication of safe handling and use information.

Farming best practices - We work closely with growers to provide products, services and solutions that help them meet their economic, social and environmental goals.



Innovation is an integral part of our company. We continuously look for ways to improve our processes and products. Our investment in research and development allows us to tackle challenges and create opportunities. We focus on three key areas:

New products that enhance crop yields and reduce environmental impacts, including:

  • Controlled release fertilizers
  • Plant growth regulators
  • Weed- and drought-resistant hybrid seed varieties

Agriculture technology that enhances farm productivity, including:

  • Our Echelon precision agriculture platform that helps growers increase crop yields using the same or lower levels of crop inputs.

New processes and technologies that enhance mine safety, reliability and productivity, including:

  • Increasing the use of automated mining equipment
  • Drone technology for structural inspections
  • Advanced process control systems