Our people are critical to Nutrien’s success and they exemplify our high-performance culture. We foster a diverse, engaged and collaborative workforce to execute our corporate strategy.

    Workplace safety

    Safety, Health and Security

    We operate in an industry where our people are exposed to workplace situations with the potential to cause injury. Keeping them safe, healthy and secure is a core value. Our safety culture starts with our organizational leaders and extends to everyone involved in our business.

    Our daily workplace safety priorities are focused on four areas:

    • Safety Leadership: Encourage a culture of caring.
    • Hazard Identification: Take the time to recognize and mitigate hazards.
    • Frequent and Structured Pause: Be willing to stop work when you’re unsure whether it’s safe to proceed.
    • Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention: Respectfully challenge each other about how we perform work.
    Workplace diversity and inclusion

    Diversity and Inclusion

    Nutrien is committed to supporting the diversity of our people and encouraging inclusive workplace practices. We believe this enhances our organizational strength, creates a sustainable social and economic advantage and reflects the diversity of our stakeholders.

    We respect and follow all laws and regulations related to anti-discrimination, equal employment and human rights. We are committed to making a positive contribution to diversity and inclusion across our operations. We strive to minimize barriers and biases so that diverse groups can access career opportunities and achieve high levels of employee engagement.

    We also show our commitment to diversity and inclusion through:

    • Leadership - being progressive in diversity and inclusion practices and communications.
    • Employee engagement - supporting our employees in these efforts and providing networking opportunities.
    • Procurement practices - encouraging and leveraging supplier diversity and inclusion efforts.
    • Community investment - supporting the economic and social development of diverse groups within our communities.