Why it matters

Safety is a core value at Nutrien, and nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our employees, our contractors and the communities we serve.  

Our work on worker health and safety supports the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

image-20220303150404-1 SDG - Goal 8

Our approach

Our commitment to safety is integrated into our operations through our Code of Conduct, Safety, Health and Environment (“SH&E”) Policy, vision, strategy, actions, and management system elements including global, business unit and site standards. Our safety culture starts with our organizational leaders and extends to everyone involved in our business. We consider contractors to be our partners in all areas of SH&E.

Our vision

Nutrien’s safety vision is "Everyone home safe, every day." Achieving our safety vision is an ongoing journey, not a destination. It takes all of us showing up, caring and taking action, each and every day.


Our strategy

To achieve our vision, we are focused on the enhancement and deep integration of our safety strategy to grow a Culture of Care by demonstrating deliberate, principled behaviors and actions.


Our actions

SH&E management approach

Nutrien’s SH&E Management System outlines the expectations of our global operations and integrates our SH&E strategy with tools to form a positive, proactive, risk-based structure for company-wide execution.  

We continue to enhance company-wide programs for common activities across Nutrien while evolving specific practices to target key safety risks unique to each of our business units.  

The Nutrien Way

Checkout "The Nutrien Way"

This is how we do safety. It is our daily playbook and action plan to support and sustain our Culture of Care. The Nutrien Way is made up of programs and practices that any and every employee and contractor can engage in to make our workplace, homes and communities safer and bring our Culture of Care to life.


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