Agriculture is a climate leader. We have a significant role to play in helping farmers deliver natural climate solutions and verified carbon credits.

Our 2030 Commitment

Launch and scale a comprehensive Carbon Program, empowering growers and our industry to accelerate climate-smart agriculture and soil carbon sequestration while rewarding growers for their efforts.

How it Works

It starts at the farm. Nutrien is uniquely positioned with our direct relationship with over 500,000 growers globally to provide year-around agronomic solutions that enable growers to profit from the adoption of sustainable practices.


Carbon Program



Nutrien’s comprehensive Carbon Program is intended to benefit growers and a broad base of value chain partners and stakeholders. It will enable the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices that drive positive environmental outcomes while preserving the security of global food production. Growers who practice climate-smart agriculture improve soil carbon sequestration and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Soils are the largest terrestrial pool of carbon and could store up to 1.85 gigatonnes of carbon each year, equivalent to the amount produced by all of global transport.1


1Cho, Renee. (2018). Can soil help combat climate change?

Nutrien’s leading breadth of assets, capabilities, industry partnerships and our relationships with growers are expected to support all aspects of carbon credit generation and monetization. 

Nutrien’s Carbon Program is designed to verify growers’ carbon performance at the farm level and facilitate the sale of their carbon credits. 

Working with select growers in our pilots, Nutrien is designing scalable programs that facilitate the use of climate-smart inputs and practices to reduce GHG emissions, improve soil carbon sequestration, and measure the financial, productivity and environmental impacts that result. These pilots will help us uncover ways to scale protocol implementation and improve the verification process. 

Nutrien’s global reach supports a partnership network to develop the at-scale generation and monetization of high-quality, natural climate solution carbon credits. At the same time, we intend to partner with governments and non-government organizations (NGOs) to help inform policy and help meet public environmental goals.


Nutrien is best positioned to develop a carbon program given our direct connection to growers.

Potential Value
1Estimated run-rate impact from ag industry carbon management improvements and representing the potential range of benefits from Nutrien’s Carbon Program.

The program is currently in development with an anticipated larger-scale commercial implementation in North America and other geographies beginning in 2022.

Carbon Program Development

Key components include:

  • Grower engagement:
    In 2021, we expect to conduct multiple program pilots in the US and Canada. We will partner with key accounts to build and scale program functionality through collaboration. Our sustainability solutions pilots began in 2019 and continue to engage growers in determining and incentivizing optimal practices and products. 
  • Digital hub development:
    Nutrien intends to develop a grower-specific “toolbox” on our digital platform, which will include features such as automated grower data collection, annual field planning sustainability analytics, carbon outcome measurement and streamlined monetization.
  • Value chain partner outreach:
    Broad partner outreach is underway with strategic suppliers, downstream partners, NGOs, academic institutions, governments and execution partners. The initial interest in our program is very promising.
  • Methodology:
    Grower data collection will primarily use our Agrible sustainability platform. Carbon credits will be generated using existing and under development protocols/frameworks to independently verify and validate carbon performance, leveraging proven agronomic modeling and soil sampling methods to generate high-quality credits.
  • Carbon credit transaction and market:
    Our intention is to create high-quality carbon credits that can be monetized in voluntary and compliance markets.

It is possible that Nutrien will purchase carbon credits generated in the program and apply them against our emissions footprint. Nutrien will look to expand the Carbon Program once we have completed our initial pilot implementation and developed a pathway to scalability.

The Road to Feeding the World

With a long-term goal to scale this program and build real, lasting change, Nutrien is also challenging all to come together to evolve the system and policies needed to unlock the potential of the agriculture industry as a leader in climate action, while meeting the challenge of feeding a growing global population.

Nutrien’s global reach supports partnerships with a broad base of value-chain and other stakeholders to create an ecosystem that enables the generation and monetization of positive carbon outcomes at scale, while helping to meet common sustainability goals and objectives.

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Carbon Program Announcement

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For further sustainability information please see our 2021 ESG Report.