Adopting nature-positive solutions is critical to ensuring growers are resilient to climate change and can sustainably grow more per acre while protecting the environment and natural resources.

Our 2030 Commitment

Enable growers to adopt sustainable and productive agricultural products and practices on 75 million acres globally.


Sustainable agricultural production supports the global food system and enhances grower resilience and prosperity. Crop input management and regenerative practices can improve soil health, carbon sequestration, nutrient-use efficiency and water retention while conserving and restoring nature. As a result, crop yields increase, which further builds soil organic matter and reduces the pressure to convert additional land to food production.


Nutrien is uniquely positioned with our direct relationships with over 500,000 growers globally to provide year-round agronomic solutions. We enable growers to deliver higher crop yields while providing benefits from the adoption of sustainable products, services and practices. 

Our network of over 3,600 agronomists and crop consultants provides advice on best management practices such as environmental farm plans, leveraging 4R Nutrient Stewardship, integrated pest management plans, conservation tillage or no-till, cover crops, and crop rotation. 

We provide over 2,000 proprietary products including those that enhance sustainability practices and value-added services including custom application and soil and tissue sampling. 

In addition, our Digital Hub provides historical and real-time information, grower-specific analytics, and performance measurements to help growers make informed decisions.


Nutrien’s sustainable agriculture approach aligns with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) principles to increase productivity while protecting natural resources and enhancing grower resilience. Productive and sustainable agriculture is enabled by regenerative practices and precision agriculture and has the following dimensions:



Nutrien is piloting proof-of-concept input strategies that increase grower profitability while also improving and measuring environmental outcomes using our Agrible Software Tool. Our goal is to build connections and drive farm productivity, profitability and natural resource management together through customized, scalable solutions. We work with growers, downstream partners and third-party experts to determine and incentivize optimal practices and products for continuous improvement.

Our sustainable solutions pilot projects continue through 2021, and results have been positive. Nutrien has additional pilot projects underway as part of our Carbon Program.

  • 500k acres tracked for sustainability metrics
  • 9 pilot projects in 8 US states
  • Crops included: Corn, rice, cotton, wheat, potato and camelina

Sustainable solutions pilot projects

For further information on our performance see our 2021 ESG Report