Nutrien is committed to an overall reduction of our environmental footprint by creating and implementing stewardship systems across our sites, operations and communities.

We work with stakeholders to make a meaningful and positive contribution. We provide input to government and work within our industry to help manage the environmental footprint of fertilizer.

Our Approach to Our Environmental Footprint:

Our Environmental Footprint


Climate Change

Climate change is a key focus for Nutrien. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and are in the process of examining the emissions and reduction opportunities along our value chain and setting emission reduction goals.

Climate Change



Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Nutrien generates GHG and other air emissions directly and indirectly, through the production, distribution and end use of our products. We reduce GHG emissions within our manufacturing operations through improved energy efficiency and reliability, and carbon capture.


Nutrien’s primary use of water is in our fertilizer production facilities for raw material transportation, process use for milling, steam and energy generation, and process cooling. A smaller volume of water is used to make some of our liquid fertilizer products.

Across our operations, we take action to reduce our water use and increase water recycling. If water used in our production plants cannot be reused or recycled, it is discharged to treatment plants or tested to ensure compliance with applicable environmental standards before being discharged off site into a permitted area. We carefully monitor the quality of water discharges to surface water.

Environmental Incidents

Eliminating environment-altering events related to our operations is part of our deep commitment to the care and protection of the environment. We invest in fertilizer manufacturing reliability to eliminate environmental incidents, which also improves safety and maximizes production.

Waste and Reclamation

The mining and processing of potash and phosphate rock produces materials that need to be managed and disposed of in a safe, stable and environmentally sound manner. We employ numerous best practices to ensure proper management of the products we mine and produce. 

Applications for Renewal

Nutrien facilities in Alberta are currently working with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) on upcoming operating approval renewals. As part of our ongoing commitment to engage our community, we welcome any questions or feedback from community members.

Please review the following Applications for Renewal:

For further sustainability information please see our 2020 ESG Report.

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