Transforming Agriculture

By the year 2030, we aim to make key transformations through ambitious commitments that drive systemic change and lead the next wave of agricultural evolution.

Our strategy

Our Stories

Two people talking in safety gear

Doing safety differently at Nutrien

Dr. Sidney Dekker helped kick off Nutrien’s first SIF Prevention Day with an honest conversation about safety.



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Headshot of Eric Snodgrass

Meet Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien’s weather wizard

For many of us, weather is the ultimate small-talk topic. But for growers who feed the world, it can make or break a crop. Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien’s Principal Atmospheric Scientist – is proud to be an important voice in that conversation.

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Farmer inspects crops with a tablet

The future of tech isn’t just in Silicon Valley – it’s also in the fields

Learn how Nutrien is using technology to solve major challenges in agriculture.

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Nutrien’s 2022 Virtual Investor Update Meeting

Nutrien’s Executive Leadership team will provide an update on the company’s strategic initiatives, ESG performance and capital allocation priorities.

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Recent News

June 9, 2022

Nutrien Announces Plans to Increase Fertilizer Production Capability and Return Additional Capital to Shareholders

May 18, 2022

Nutrien Announces Intention to Build World’s Largest Clean Ammonia Production Facility

May 18, 2022

Nutrien Declares Quarterly Dividend of US$0.48 per Share

Our Purpose

At Nutrien, our purpose is to grow our world from the ground up. As the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions, Nutrien plays a critical role in feeding the future by helping growers to increase food production in a sustainable manner. We’re moving the agriculture industry and the world forward – today and for generations to come. 

The Nutrien Way

Our playbook outlining Nutrien’s safety strategy, best practices and actions for sending everyone home safe, every day.

Women Grow Here

Because a woman should never have to choose between the work she loves and a culture that welcomes her.

Nutrien on Campus

Learn why a career in agriculture is fulfilling and rewarding regardless of your field of study, and explore student and new grad opportunities at Nutrien.

ESG Report

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report highlights our priority ESG risks and opportunities. This report also includes new targets to drive performance improvement and value creation.


With 23,500 employees and a global footprint of operations and investments, Nutrien's crop inputs and services reach major growing regions all over the world.

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