When you choose to sign up for electronic payments: 

  • Eliminate the risk of payment delays: You will receive payments directly into your bank account within 1-2 days after Nutrien releases the funds.  Suppliers can anticipate delays ranging from ~ 10-15 days (compared to electronic) with cheque payment
  • Ensure payment continuity: You will ensure that you are unaffected and will continue to receive payments, if for any reason Nutrien needs to temporarily discontinue issuing cheques and processing paper invoices. 
  • Increased payment security: Electronic payments deposited directly into your account are a more efficient and secure method to receive your payment. The transition process is straightforward and simple. For more information, please contact your Nutrien representative.  

In order to corroborate any requests you may receive from our team, please note the following secure and valid Nutrien managed email addresses where you may be asked to direct bank information for electronic payments:

Contact & Support Information

For Nutrien Retail Suppliers (Nutrien Ag Solutions, Dyna-Gro Seed, OreGro Seeds, Loveland Products Inc., UAP Canada)


For Nutrien Corporate & Wholesale Suppliers (Legacy PotashCorp & Legacy Agrium Legal Entities)

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us as outlined above.  We are here to help validate requests as required. Nutrien is committed to protecting this sensitive data with leading Cyber Security risk mitigation processes, controls and systems.  

Please Note:

Nutrien will call all suppliers to confirm their banking over the phone as a fraud control.  We are unable to remit an electronic payment prior to the completion of this control, no exceptions.  Please respond to these calls so we can update bank remittance information as quickly as possible.