MCi Track at Nutrien

Nutrien is taking procurement to the next level and we invite you to join us on our journey. MCi Track is a tool we are adopting for management of suppliers where we utilize craft labor, equipment hours and material costs through a Master Services Agreement. Stronger efficiencies will be achieved leading to improvements in speed, clarity and our partnership with suppliers.

Watch for more information as we continue to expand our implementation of MCi Track. These are exciting times at Nutrien as we enhance and grow our relationships with suppliers.


The following deadlines apply for the prior 24-hour period, for both day and night shifts.

9:00 am - Track overrides submitted to Nutrien (Vendors)

11:00am - Overrides approved/rejected (Nutrien

2:00pm - Allocation and acceptance (Vendors)

6:00pm - Track time approvals (Nutrien)

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