MCi Track at Nutrien

These are exciting times at Nutrien as we enhance and grow our relationships with suppliers. For over 30 years; downstream refining, chemicals, pulp & paper, metals, mining industries and more have been using the Track platform to manage suppliers. Stronger efficiencies will be achieved leading to improvements in speed, clarity, and our partnership with suppliers.

What is Track?

Track is a cloud-based software that integrates with our gate badging system, and automates management and control of our contract labor, equipment and materials spend. It will replace our manual paper billing process automatically determining net billable hours and costs based on badge events and pay formula agreements with our suppliers.

Deadline for Daily Process

The following deadlines apply for the prior 24-hour period, for both day and night shifts.

9:00 am - Track overrides submitted to Nutrien (Vendors)

11:00am - Overrides approved/rejected (Nutrien

2:00pm - Allocation and acceptance (Vendors)

6:00pm - Track time approvals (Nutrien)

Questions can be directed to MCi’s knowledgeable and responsive Track experts.


DO NOT forward or respond to previous requests for a new request even if the content is deleted. Ensure a new email is generated for each request.

Format for Email Subject: NTR -Site Name — Vendor Name—Request Details

Example of Email Subject: NTR-RNO- ABC Company — Schedule Update

The NTR and Site Name are vital to getting action on your ticket ASAP. The mailbox directs all NTR items to the Nutrien MSERV team automatically.

Please be advised: If this email address and format are not used, response to your request will be delayed.

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