Supplier Requirements

All contractors interested in working at our mines, mills, and chemical plants must be registered with ISNetworld prior to starting work on our sites. Nutrien uses ISNetworld to collect, verify and maintain contractor safety, insurance, quality and regulatory ratings

For more information on requirements for Nutrien contractors, please visit   Contractors required to register with ISNetworld, please visit ISNetworld's Contact Form  and select ‘Set up Subscription’ to provide a list of services and locations you are able to serve.

Information for Suppliers Regarding Electronic Payments

Nutrien is continuously striving to improve our procurement practices and improve the experiences for our suppliers to provide convenience and flexibility. Nutrien is strongly encouraging our suppliers receiving payment via manual cheques to transition to electronic payment to avoid delays.    

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How to Submit Your Invoice

Please visit SAP Business Network Resources.

Nutrien Ag Solutions suppliers please visit Ariba Network Transition.

Contact our Integrity Helpline

Visit for more information or to report a concern.

Supplier Resource Documents