Why it matters

Effective corporate governance helps us manage risks and opportunities and demonstrates accountability to our stakeholders. We believe this plays an important role in living our Purpose and achieving our vision.

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities are generally longer term in nature, incorporating them into our strategic and business planning activities helps enhance our planning, decision making and resilience. Understanding emerging trends, regulations and societal expectations allows us to capitalize on opportunities for growth and mitigate potential risk.


Our approach

We are committed to setting the “tone from the top” to create a culture of integrity throughout the organization by engraining good corporate governance systems and principles in our business operation and culture including our ESG practices. Key aspects of our governance structure include clearly defined mandates and charters for our Board and its committees and oversight of corporate strategy execution and risk management including ESG-related matters.
Nutrien’s sound governance and committed leadership enable us to integrate a cohesive ESG strategy and practices across our company.

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