Why it matters

We embed strong corporate governance systems and principles in our business to place the interests of our shareholders and stakeholders at the center of every decision we make.

Nutrien’s governance structure and processes help us identify and manage sustainability related risks and opportunities, related regulations, and societal expectations, incorporating them into our strategic and business planning activities. This enhances our resilience, helping us capitalize on opportunities for growth, mitigate potential risk and effectively deliver on our strategy. Sound management of sustainability, underpinned by our balanced and disciplined approach to capital allocation, aims to ensure we have the financial, human and natural resources for the creation and preservation of Nutrien’s long-term value.

Our approach

Responsibility and accountability for managing risk are embedded in all levels of our organization, and we integrate risk management into key decision-making process strategies. Nutrien’s sound governance and committed leadership enable us to integrate a cohesive ESG strategy and practices across our company.

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