Why it matters

Nutrien’s materiality process, from an ESG perspective, integrates our material ESG topic assessment process with our existing Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) framework. The process includes internal and external survey tools, leading and lagging indicators, and trend analysis to guide our decision making on material topics. The process leverages qualitative and digital tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help clarify stakeholder expectations and potential risks or opportunities for Nutrien. 

We classify our material topics into three levels that reflect the degree of associated risk and/or level of significance to Nutrien. 

We reassess Nutrien’s material ESG topics annually.

Here are our current topics:

Category Topics

Level 1

  • Risks that can have broad impact on financial performance, operations or reputation or have legal implications

  • Significant interest to stakeholders and opportunities for Nutrien for which we expect to set targets

Level 2

  • Significant environmental or social impact resulting from Nutrien’s operations

  • Of high interest to stakeholders, lenders and potential investors

Level 3

  • Additional or emerging topics where interest or impact are increasing

  • Requested by frameworks or rating agencies but may not represent significant risks or opportunities

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