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Nutrien has a comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement. We define stakeholders as persons or groups that Nutrien directly or indirectly affects, as well as those who might have an interest in Nutrien.

We regularly engage with stakeholders to better understand factors they believe are critical for Nutrien and the agriculture industry. We gather insight from our daily interactions with customers and suppliers, during community outreach activities, at meetings with government representatives, during investor briefings, annual stakeholder surveys, digital stakeholder and reputation monitoring, and through our employee townhall meetings. We incorporate stakeholder feedback into our reporting and actions.

In June of 2022, we held a virtual Investor Update for all stakeholders to attend, with Nutrien leaders speaking to our sustainability commitments, climate-related opportunities, ESG targets and action taken to date. 

Contact us us to join the invite list for the next Stakeholder Engagement Session and details will be emailed directly to you.




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