Ten billion reasons why

Our purpose starts with the soil beneath our feet and the global challenge of feeding nearly
10 billion people by the year 2050. We cultivate solutions for growers so they can increase food production sustainably for generations to come.

We aim to make key transformations through ambitious commitments that drive systemic change and lead the next wave of agriculture’s evolution. 

In support of the UN SDGs

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Areas of focus

Feeding the planet sustainably

Strengthen food security by scaling sustainable and productive agriculture

Environment and climate action

Provide solutions and platforms to achieve emissions reductions in alignment with climate science

Inclusive agriculture

Support rural livelihoods and increase participation of underrepresented stakeholders in agriculture

Our six sustainability commitments for 2030

Enable Sustainable Acres

Enable sustainable acres

Enable growers to adopt sustainable and productive agricultural products and practices on 75 million acres globally.

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Achieve Emissions Reduction

Achieve emissions reduction

Achieve at least a 30 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1 + 2) per tonne of our products produced, from a baseline year of 2018.

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Leverage Innovation & Inclusion

Leverage innovation & inclusion

Leverage our farm-focused technology partnerships and investments to drive positive impact in industry and grower innovation and inclusion.

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Launch & Scale a Carbon Program

Launch & scale a carbon program

Launch and scale a comprehensive Carbon Program, empowering growers and our industry to accelerate climate-smart agriculture and soil carbon sequestration while rewarding growers for their efforts.

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Invest in low-carbon ammonia technology

Invest in low-carbon ammonia technology

Invest in new technologies and pursue the transition to low-carbon fertilizers, including low-carbon and clean ammonia.

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Create New Inclusive Financing

Create new inclusive financing

Create new grower financial solutions to strengthen social, economic and environmental outcomes in agriculture.

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How we align with the UN SDGs <i id="un-sdg"></i>

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) brings the world together to address global challenges and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. Our efforts ripple through many of the goals but our primary focus is SDG 2: Zero Hunger through 2.4.1 sustainable and productive agriculture.

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SDG Impact Assessment Report

Nutrien took great care in identifying SDG priorities. We selected priority indicators that were the most relevant to our stakeholders, and the extent to which a topic can be influenced by Nutrien. We understand our efforts impact many indicators through our daily business and value chain, but this report describes our most significant risks and opportunities. 

Nutrien continues to assess our SDG influence across our value chain to mitigate negative impacts and strengthen positive impacts. We know the world can’t solve for one SDG without influencing another – that’s why we have taken a systems-based approach to transform agriculture.


We are committed to contributing to sustainable development globally and in the markets in which we operate. As we strive to transform our food system and in the spirit of SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals, we encourage ongoing collaboration, sharing of information and pooling of resources for the generation of systems-based solutions. Nutrien is challenging stakeholders to come together to evolve the systems and policies needed to unlock new sustainable solutions while feeding a growing global population and protecting our planet. 

Contact us to join our endeavor: sustainability@nutrien.com


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Meet our sustainability team

Tim Faveri

Tim Faveri

Vice President, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations

Email: sustainability@nutrien.com

Todd Coakwell


Todd Coakwell

Senior Director, Sustainability ESG Disclosure

Email: sustainability@nutrien.com

Feeding the Future Plan

Our 2030 commitments were established in 2021 by our Feeding the Future plan, which you can download below.

Please note our plan contains forward-looking statements.