2030 commitment

Create new grower financial solutions to strengthen social, economic and environmental outcomes in agriculture, by 2030.

Our 2023 progress

We have evaluated how Nutrien Financial can support growers through a lens of sustainability and inclusion. Our approach focused on internal training, and increased collaboration and targeted informational campaigns for diverse grower groups.

Update: Going forward we will no longer view this goal independently under Inclusion. Nutrien Financial’s programs and offerings are inclusive, and we will continue to support growers, as financing is often a key enabler to the broad adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act

We abide by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act ("ECOA"), a US federal law with the aim of giving all individuals an equal opportunity to obtain credit. The ECOA makes sure that there is no discrimination when it comes to credit and lending. Nutrien Financial's existing credit program operates in accordance with the ECOA and is inclusive for all applicants.

Grower Solutions

We offer growers financing options for purchases such as seed, fertilizer and crop protection. Nutrien Financial is committed to promoting financial inclusion and we aim to ensure that individuals and businesses can attain insightful financial information that encourages sound economic actions.

As we strive to create new grower financial solutions, our Nutrien Financial goal to evaluate how we can support growers through a lens of sustainability and inclusion has been re-focused to explore how financing can be a key enabler to the broad adoption of sustainable agricultural practices. While many growers are adopting sustainable agricultural systems and practices, there is an opportunity for us to help support even more growers to increase soil carbon sequestration, productivity, profitability and resiliency through financing.

Promotional financing to advance sustainable agriculture

In December 2023, in collaboration with Scotiabank, we launched a promotional financing offer for qualified Canadian customers that participate in the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program. Those customers are provided with a lower promotional financing rate relative to the standard financing annual percentage rate. This subsidized financing offer is intended to support growers who participate in a measured outcome program aimed at reducing their carbon emissions.



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