Our 2030 commitment

Create new grower financial solutions to strengthen social, economic and environmental outcomes in agriculture.

Inclusive agriculture means we can deliver a future where every grower has the capital needed to grow. It is important that grower financing encompasses a more holistic view of balancing social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Our 2022 progress

We began developing an internal training program for Nutrien Financial employees to promote understanding of financial inclusion and support the creation of new solutions to support underserved communities. We continued to offer financial opportunities so growers can adopt sustainable agriculture solutions and support positive environmental outcomes. Our financing solutions play an important role in providing competitive product financing for our customers, supporting customer retention and business growth.  


Inclusive Financing 2030 Commitment

We abide by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act ("ECOA"), a US federal law with the aim of giving all individuals an equal opportunity to obtain credit. The ECOA makes sure that there is no discrimination when it comes to credit and lending. Nutrien Financial's existing credit program operates in accordance with the ECOA and is inclusive for all applicants.



Financing is often a key enabler to broad adoption of sustainable agricultural practices including climate-smart agricultural practices. While many growers are adopting sustainable agricultural systems and practices, there is an opportunity for us to help support even more sustainable acres to increase soil carbon sequestration, productivity, profitability and resiliency through inclusive financing.


Nutrien Financial plays an important role in providing competitive financing options with continued emphasis on improving sustainability outcomes. From seed to fertilizer to crop protection, we can help finance a grower’s seasonal investment in their operations.

Nutrien Financial is committed to promoting financial inclusion and we aim to ensure that individuals and businesses can attain insightful financial information that encourages sound economic actions. During 2022, Nutrien Financial embarked on its first informational campaign aimed at delivering meaningful content to the agriculture market, specifically for young or new growers. By sharing important financial literacy topics such as cash management strategies, we can empower growers to make better-informed financial decisions.  

Simplifying access to financial products is essential to our financial inclusion goals. During 2022, Nutrien Financial formally launched an online credit application process, which affords growers a safe and secure way to apply for credit while preserving the confidentiality of sensitive information. By augmenting the ways to apply for credit, we facilitate easier credit access for those in search of input financing. We continue to search for and invest in ways to design financial platforms and grower solutions that advance our financial inclusion goal, which can also lead to the improved financial resilience of our customer base. 

ESG Report

ESG report

See our ESG report for full details on our progress.

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Representative workforce

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