Grow our world from the ground up

By 2050, we’ll need to grow food for almost 10 billion people. That’s why we’re raising expectations on what an agriculture company can be. From the bottom of the mine to the top of the silo, our employees around the world are committed to feeding the future safely and with integrity each day.

Nutrien Fact Sheet

Crop nutrients

Providing Crop Nutrients

As the largest producer of potash by capacity and one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate, we provide the three key nutrients growers need to produce healthier, more abundant crops.

Partnering with Growers

Partnering With Growers

Our Ag-Retail operations supply key products and services directly to growers – including crop nutrients, crop protection and, seed, as well as agronomic and application services – to help meet the world’s ever growing-demand for food and fiber.


Focusing on Sustainability

We operate with a long-term view and are committed to working with our stakeholders as we address our economic, environmental and social priorities.

Meeting the Needs of our Shareholders

Meeting the Needs of Our Shareholders

We are focused on optimizing our portfolio, pursuing value-enhancing growth opportunities and returning capital to our shareholders.