About Nutrien's nitrogen facilities

Nutrien is the third-largest nitrogen producer in the world with over 7 million tonnes of gross ammonia capacity and the ability to produce more than 11 million tonnes of total nitrogen products in the US, Canada and Trinidad.

We distribute our nitrogen products across an extensive network of approximately 190 distribution points and lease approximately 5,700 railcars to help carry our products.  

Nutrien’s nitrogen production network is low-cost and diversified, with opportunities to execute high-return and low-risk brownfield projects, expand our production of sustainability products and significantly lower our carbon footprint. As part of this effort of reducing the carbon footprint of our nitrogen operations, we have initiatives focused around energy efficiency, carbon capture and CO2 abatement.


What is nitrogen and where does it come from?

Nitrogen (N) is one of the building blocks of life. About 80 percent of the air we breathe is nitrogen;
plants are able to use it once it is changed to ammonium or nitrate by industrial or natural

What is nitrogen used for?


  • Essential for protein synthesis and speeds plant growth


  • Plays a key role in animal growth and development


  • Used to make industrial products such as plastics, resins, adhesives and emission controls

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