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High-quality, lower-cost potash operations

Nutrien is the world’s largest potash producer, with over 22 million tonnes of potash capacity. We operate six lower-cost potash mines in Saskatchewan and have one mine in New Brunswick in care-and-maintenance mode.

With decades of high-quality reserves and our multi-year expansions complete, we are well positioned to meet the world’s long-term potash needs. 

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Potash Infographic

What is potash and where does it come from?

Potash is the common name given to a group of minerals containing potassium (K) and is essential to all forms of plant and animal life.

Potash is mined from deep underground deposits left by ancient inland seas or extracted from salt water bodies.




  • Improves root and stem strength, water utilization and disease resistance.
  • Enhances taste, color and texture of food


  • Aids in animal growth and milk production


  • Used in soaps, water softeners, de-icers, drilling muds and food products