Feeding the Future

Feeding the Future is our purpose. It is a call to action and makes the reason we come to work each day real and impactful.

Feeding goes beyond food production

While rooted in the challenge of feeding nearly 10 billion people by the year 2050, feeding means more than enabling food production. It means nourishing and enabling life more broadly to sustain our people and planet.

Achieving our purpose is the reason we exist

Nutrien is ready to address the world’s needs and challenges to sustain generations to come. We get there by also tending to the futures of our own people, whose innovation and ingenuity are central to achieving our Purpose. We believe there are specific behaviors, beliefs and skills that underpin our ability to feed the future. Through our Culture of Care, the behaviors expected of all of us are to: Lead, Collaborate, Challenge, Trust. And our Core Values outline the beliefs we are expected to share and live by: Safety, Inclusion, Integrity, Results.