Caring for our communities after disaster

Published: May 04, 2023

Following the devastating severe storms and tornadoes that ripped through Southern and Eastern parts of the US early this spring, Nutrien Ag Solutions and its employees have prioritized supporting their impacted communities in Mississippi and Alabama through volunteer efforts and donations.

In Rolling Fork, MS, Nutrien Ag Solutions employees responded quickly after the storm passed to help their neighbors begin the cleanup process. On April 11, a group of employees gathered just outside the center of the storm’s damage near the local hospital to feed those displaced by the storms, as well as first responders. The team served over 400 meals.


“I have been inundated with emails, calls, and messages from fellow employees all over North America that feel the pain of our loss,” says South Central Division Manager Bubba Morris. “It really means a lot to see how many people care about our communities and are reaching out to see how they can help.”

In Arkansas, a branch manager came to one of his employee’s aid when a tree fell across the driveway, restricting access to the house. Together, they cut up the tree and restored access to and from the house. Nutrien Ag Solutions has also donated to Team Rubicon, a group of military veterans that help devastated areas, who traveled to Wynne to help begin recovery efforts.


Being prepared for severe weather

As part of Nutrien Ag Solution’s severe weather alert and response program, Andrew Pritchard, Senior Meteorologist with Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Agronomy and Environmental Science team, and Brent Fischer, Senior Manager of Technical Training for Safety and Health for Retail, shared advice for folks to follow when under a tornado warning.

  • Get to Shelter: Ideal shelters are sturdy structures, such as a basement or room in the house that is on a lower-level. Shelter spaces should also be interior areas that are away from windows.
  • Avoid Dangers: Unsafe shelter areas are mobile homes, vehicles, bridges, and overpasses. Also, do not try to outrun a tornado.
  • Stay Informed: Pay attention to the Emergency Alert System and NOAA weather radio for updates on the tornado warning and information about when it is safe to leave your shelter. gov is also a great resource for severe weather preparation.

“The response has been quick in delivering resources to both regions, but residents of Rolling Fork, Silver City, and Wynne will need a lot of help for a while as they move forward in the long recovery process,” says Andrew. “The storms faced by the Southern US further motivates me to push forward the work that we’re doing at Nutrien to create a culture of being weather ready, before, during, and after the storm so that we can help our communities recover when disaster does strike.”


If you haven’t contributed to the recovery efforts in the areas impacted by the string of severe spring storms and tornadoes, please consider joining Nutrien Ag Solutions and its employees in donating to the following organizations that are helping the affected towns.