Coronavirus compassion: Meet our community partners

Published: Sep 09, 2020

When COVID-19 grew into a pandemic, many large companies stepped up to support various causes to help the world cope with the virus. Nutrien was no exception, but our approach was a little different. Rather than making one large donation to one organization, Nutrien earmarked an additional US$1 million towards food solutions around the globe. 

Why food solutions? Many people struggle to feed themselves and their families, and the pandemic only increased that hardship. Our food solutions program is supporting organizations that are helping to provide a reliable source of nourishment for those most vulnerable in our communities. At the same time, a growing number of people have had to turn to services like food banks for the first time. This has increased the load on these agencies dramatically. Through the food solutions program, we are not just helping our communities weather the storm, we are helping vital services in those communities. 

Our support also extends to three other areas: in-kind donations of personal protective equipment, virtual youth education in sustainable agriculture and employee volunteering. While the job is far from done, we’re proud of the impacts we have made so far. Some of our community partners have shared their thoughts on the impact Nutrien’s donations have made, and you can watch this video to hear their stories: