Emergency Trauma Training kicks off across Australia

Published: Apr 05, 2023

As part of the partnership between Nutrien Ag Solutions and aeromedical retrieval service CareFlight, over 180 regional locations across Australia will have access to the specially-tailored program, which aims to upskill those working in the agriculture sector with emergency trauma skills.


Sam Collier, Branch Manager at Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Moree location in New South Wales, completed the training with his team and spoke highly of the experience.

“Going into the workshop, we were pretty confident that we could handle emergency situations,” he says. “We’d done our first aid training and thought we were reasonably well equipped. It didn’t take very long for us to realize that there is a whole lot more to learn about how to respond and provide care in an emergency scenario.”

Taught by clinical professionals, the course is a hands-on mix of theoretical and simulation-based trauma response training and includes agricultural scenarios such as motor vehicle accidents, motorbike and horse falls, burns and crush injuries.

Using simulation mannequins, participants work together in teams to learn about trauma care skills and communication at accident scenes, and how to make the most of the minutes before emergency professionals arrive.


“We went through scenarios that we ordinarily wouldn’t have been exposed to through regular first-aid training, but through that, we can now confidently deal with the likes of a multi-patient accident, what to do with a deep laceration or a fall from a motorbike or horse, or what to do in the case of a motor vehicle accident,” says Sam. “We have the tyranny of distance and poor mobile phone service, and in the minutes or hours while waiting for an ambulance or helicopter, we could be providing care for a patient.”

Completing safety training is a great example of putting The Nutrien Way into practice and can help employees reduce serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) at work and in the community.

“The training was relevant and delivered exceptionally well, and it gave us the confidence to know that if we’re out on the road, we have the skills to help in an emergency,” he says.

Narrabri farmer Tom Carberry attended his local workshop and said it provided great insight into what to look for when faced with a trauma emergency.

“Knowing what systems to follow gave me confidence to handle an emergency situation,” says Tom. “I learned a lot about how to assess a patient, provide emergency care and hand over to medical professionals.”


Click here for more information about Nutrien’s partnership with CareFlight in Australia.