Improving safety with drone technology at Nutrien

Published: Mar 30, 2023

At our Nitrogen facility in Augusta, Georgia, the team is embracing technology to improve the safety of the site’s people and operations.

Performing routine inspections of the structures and equipment at the site can be challenging due to extreme heights and confined spaces. In the past, the means of inspection have posed a risk to the people involved, so the team knew they needed to find a solution to ensure that everyone goes home safe, every day.

Augusta has introduced the use of uncrewed aerial vehicle (aka drone) technology with intent to greatly reduce the possibility of risks and injuries to site personnel, as well as save on inspection costs and down time.

“Using drones at the site has allowed us to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of our operations,” says Cathy Adams, General Manager at Augusta. “Improving workplace safety is part of The Nutrien Way, and this technology is another way we’re prioritizing the safety of our people in everything we do.”