Local Food Security

Our $500,000 donation boosts campaign for Sask. food banks. Now that’s teamwork.

Nutrien and the Food Banks of Saskatchewan are celebrating the success of their latest fundraising campaign, which raised approximately $2.2 million. 

Because Feeding the Future means investing in its communities, Nutrien was thrilled to match the first $500,000 in donations made to the campaign, which wrapped up on Dec. 31, 2017. (All dollar figures are Canadian.) 

“We’re happy that our contribution inspired such generous support of the province’s food banks, which are there year-round to help our neighbors who may not always have enough healthy food,” said Nutrien President and CEO Chuck Magro.

“Local food security is an important issue for us at Nutrien and we are heartened that so many people across Saskatchewan share our passion,” added Chuck.

Since 2010, the holiday matching gift fundraising campaigns have raised $19.5 million for the food banks across Saskatchewan. Nutrien has contributed $7 million to that total. 

“As food banks struggle to keep up with the demand for emergency food, Nutrien is here for Saskatchewan food banks and the communities we serve,” said Laurie O’Connor, executive director of the Food Banks of Saskatchewan.  

“Many food banks not only provide emergency food but deliver innovative programs and services that lead to improved outcomes in the lives of children, seniors, post-secondary students and working families,” Laurie added. 

“Thanks to Nutrien, they can take part in these opportunities and become a driving force, with food banks, in building better futures.”