Loveland Products expands in-house seed breeding scope to be available at select Nutrien Ag Solutions branches

Published: Nov 17, 2023

Loveland Products, Inc., part of the Nutrien family, has acquired a prominent soybean breeding program tailored for the Southern US from BASF. The acquisition includes two breeding sites, with one site in Marion, Arkansas and the other in Leland, Mississippi. Once developed, the products will be sold in key Nutrien Ag Solutions locations in the Southern US.

By growing the current in-house breeding programs to include soybeans, Nutrien Ag Solutions will be better able to serve the unique needs of growers in the South with the Loveland Products’ Dyna-Gro brand. Dyna-Gro already has in-house breeding programs for cotton and rice focused on the southern US market, adding soybeans to this portfolio aligns with our goal to be a comprehensive agricultural solutions provider.

Now, with soybeans, rice, and cotton, Nutrien Ag Solutions will be better positioned to support row crop growers with the latest agricultural technologies and innovative breeding programs. Southern growers will be able access soybean varieties that have been tailored specifically for their unique needs.

“We are excited to welcome our new colleagues to the Nutrien family,” says Rob Dunlop, Vice President of North America Seed at Nutrien Ag Solutions. “Together, we can develop new high-yielding products that help soybean growers in the South to sustainably achieve their goals.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering Southern growers with innovative solutions. This acquisition and expansion into soybean breeding marks a strategic move towards enhancing agricultural productivity and driving growth and prosperity for our customers through expanded seed variety options. Nutrien Ag Solutions aims to provide whole acre solutions that allow soybean growers to realize the full potential of their crops, improving crop yields and quality.

"By expanding into soybeans, we're showing our commitment to providing solutions for our customers and investing in the future of row crop growers. We believe this move will help growers increase their crop yields and achieve better-quality products," says Spencer Harris, Senior Vice President of Global Retail Operations for Nutrien Ag Solutions.