#MasksOfNutrien: Share your ‘why’

Published: Sep 28, 2020

“Who was that masked man/woman?”

Nutrien employees old enough to remember The Lone Ranger TV show have had lots of chances to use that joke in recent weeks, as protective face coverings have become fixtures across our operations, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of our corporate office employees are still working at home, but for employees in our production, distribution and retail facilities, masks are part of normal work attire – just like hardhats, work boots and safety glasses, depending on the environments they work in.

“A mask is like any other piece of PPE we use across the company,” our leaders often remind employees. “When you can’t maintain physical distance of at least six feet between yourself and the nearest person, wear a mask.”

This rule of thumb is based on advice we’ve received from medical experts we’re working with to help us stay ahead of the pandemic and minimize its impact on our company.

Employees across our operations are not only complying with the directive, they’re embracing it. We hosted an internal ‘Why I Wear a Mask’ campaign in August, inviting employees to provide a photo of themselves wearing masks, as well as a ‘why’ statement that specifies the employee’s motivation for masking up. The response was excellent, and many of our people got creative: matching masks on pets, sports team logos and even wedding dress accessories were among the pics we received.

And now, we’re taking the campaign to our social media channels. Over the next eight weeks, check out our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds to see our people’s commitment to health and safety in action. But don’t let us have all the fun! Whether you work for Nutrien or not, you’re invited to publish your own photo and ‘why’ statement in the comments section below each post. Use the hashtags #ShareYourWhy, #WearAMask and #MasksOfNutrien.

See you online!