Meet Erin, A Veteran of the United States Marine Corps

Published: Nov 09, 2023

As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Erin offers a unique perspective when she shares who she thinks of during Veterans Day. Learn about her career at Nutrien and her experiences.

When did your career at Nutrien begin?

As I was preparing to retire from the military, a friend who worked at Nutrien told me about a position she felt was “perfect for me.” I applied and was blessed with an amazing opportunity as a recruiter in Talent Attraction. I was hired in May of 2018, working out of Aurora, North Carolina.

How did the military prepare you for your Nutrien career?

The military serves as a foundation of skills and experiences that translate into civilian careers across the spectrum. The training and real-world experiences prepared me with the mindset to accomplish tasks in various situations, overcome obstacles, and achieve successful outcomes. My career focused on logistics and transportation, coordinating the delivery of supplies, equipment, and personnel and supporting the transportation and throughput on beaches, lading zones, ports (air and sea), and terminals (rail, truck, and container). Coming to Nutrien with the Culture of Care focused on safety was a natural fit for me. I served in positions across the US, Afghanistan, Japan, and aboard a ship for two years.

I served as an instructor for the last five years of my Marine Corps career. As an instructor, I was tasked with the design and delivery of job-specific instruction in the classroom and responsible for influencing and shaping service members, much like in the video below. Throughout my career, I developed skills that were easily transferable to my position at Nutrien.

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Did you experience any challenges transitioning from military to civilian life?

Transitioning from the military after 21 years to civilian life had its challenges because I moved from a well-structured, highly disciplined environment into a looser, free form setting. The most challenging aspect for me was learning how to adjust my communication style from a military to a business environment. I transitioned from a direct, formal, no-negotiation style of communication that can seem abrupt, rude, and even aggressive in the civilian business environment to one that used additional communication tools to explore alternative solutions through extended conversations. Acknowledging the differences, I was able to adjust my language and tone to help ease interactions and maintain a respectful environment, which is important to me.

What is your job like?  

Over the past five years, I have recruited for multiple business units. I started doing full-time and student recruitment for Aurora - Phosphate, then transitioned to Retail recruitment for the East and South Regions, and now do student and early career recruitment for Nitrogen and Phosphate nationwide. I love my job because it allows me to engage with people in ways that can sometimes change their lives. I enjoy teaching, mentoring, and leading people in directions that enable them to grow and succeed. When I work with students, I help them figure out who they want to be and what they want to do. Then I can connect them with opportunities like internships, co-ops and help them gain a Nutrien position. It’s energizing to be a part of this environment. Building bonds with people is what drives me and what I enjoyed most about my time in the Marines.

What does Veterans Day mean to you, and how do you observe it?

For me, Veteran’s Day is about honoring my brothers and sisters who served this country proudly, protecting family, friends, and those we will never meet, and paying homage to those still serving. It’s about the camaraderie, the bonds that time nor distance can break. It’s a day to reflect and celebrate the many sacrifices, uncommon triumphs, and hidden scars that each of us carry so that this country remains the land of the free. It gives me a sense of pride and honor to be fortunate enough to be among such an elite group of people.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention showing appreciation to the veteran’s family as well. Military families, especially the children, are resilient and strong, but their sacrifices are commonly overlooked.  Military children have experienced loss, sacrificed by moving from place to place, missed a parent or important family member at milestone events, and made and lost friends while supporting a service member. I make it a point to thank the children because I know the hardships and sacrifices my children made for me to serve.

What’s a fun fact about you people may not know?

I’m a bit of an extreme sports mom and have been since my oldest son started playing football and baseball 16 years ago at the age of six. Now all four of my children are grown, playing in college and high school, and I’m still that mom screaming in the stands with my pom poms and cowbell. I’m an outdoors person, love to walk, paddleboard, and I absolutely love being in the sunshine.