Retail leaders visit Washington

Published: Oct 13, 2022

Retail leaders visited Washington, DC to build relationships and represent growers with the top agriculture lawmakers and stakeholders.

Jeff Tarsi, President of Global Retail, and David Elser, Senior Vice President of North American Retail, recently visited Washington, DC alongside our Government and Industry Affairs Team to connect with the top agriculture lawmakers in the US.

They attended an event supporting the US National Arboretum, an event with Congressman Adrian Smith of Nebraska, who represents the country's largest ag district, and capped off their trip on Capitol Hill, where they met with members of the Senate Agriculture Committee to talk about crop inputs in Nebraska and Iowa.

"It was a real honor to be in Washington, not only because it highlights our size and reputation as the world's largest crop inputs company, but also because it demonstrates our growers' trust in us to represent them to the folks influencing the policies in our industry that will affect their livelihoods," says Jeff.