Special delivery strengthens partner relationship

Published: Oct 27, 2022

After nearly 18 months of virtual relationship building and planning, Nutrien proudly delivered its first shipment of ammonia to Enaex, an important ammonia customer with operations across the Americas, from our Trinidad operations.

The Yukon, one of Nutrien’s five mid-size gas carrier vessels, loaded up with 25,200 tonnes of ammonia from our Point Lisas, Trinidad nitrogen plant to begin a 28-day round-trip voyage to the customer’s ammonium nitrate plant in Mejillones, Chile. 

“This was a significant journey for Nutrien as it was our first vessel delivery to a long-term customer via the Panama Canal,” says Bryan Blau, Director, International Marine Operations.

The delivery also came with an additional challenge – one of the crew members tested positive for COVID-19 three days prior to arrival. Through many collaborative discussions with Enaex, the vessel owners, and Chilean port and health authorities, Nutrien was able to successfully berth the vessel.

“Our commitment to timely and safe delivery of our product ensured that there was no production impact for our customer,” says Joseph Murphy, Director, Ammonia and Industrial Sales. “As the sole supplier of the plant’s ammonia, communication and collaboration was critical, and it ultimately strengthened our relationship.”

Did you know?

  • Nutrien’s marine fleet consists of five mid-sized gas carrier vessels that each carry 25,000 tonnes to service our deep-water ammonia (DWA) customers.
  • Enaex is one of many discharge destinations in our DWA program, where our marine vessels are monitored 24/7 to ensure we meet the ammonia needs of all DWA customers.
  • Last year Nutrien announced its collabo​ration with EXMAR to build a low-carbon-ammonia-powered vessel as an important step forward in decarbonizing shipping and providing a repeatable pathway for wide adoption of low-carbon ammonia as a clean fuel for the maritime industry.

About Enaex

Enaex is the leading global manufacturer and marketer of ammonium nitrate servicing the explosives industry. Enaex operates one of the world’s largest ammonium nitrate plant in Mejillones, Chile with a capacity of over 850,000 tonnes per year.