Published: Mar 06, 2024

Nutrien is the largest potash producer in the world and the only Canadian company producing this critical mineral at our six mines in Saskatchewan. We call Saskatchewan home and have been working with post-secondary institutions like Saskatchewan Polytechnic for decades to ensure graduates have the right education, with the right tools, to move into a career with us.

Over 150 current Nutrien employees are graduates of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, a research-intensive, industry-responsive post-secondary institution with its main campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We asked one of these employees, Kyle O’Brien, to tell us more about his experience moving from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic classroom to the Nutrien office.

“I’m a Mine Technologist, working in our Land & Resource group, which is part of the Engineering, Technology, & Capital department at Nutrien’s head office in Saskatoon,” explains Kyle. “I collect, process, and deliver geospatial data solutions to our potash facilities on the surface and underground.”

Kyle started at Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 2012, then known as SIAST, as part of the first year of students entering the new Mine Engineering Technology program.

For Kyle, a critical part of this program was how it was developed - in partnership with industry. “This means the education that I received was tailored to what industry needs. The smaller classroom sizes and hands-on education helped me understand the basics of mining including exploration, planning, development, production, and reclamation. And all of this, I think, enabled me to gain employment quickly after graduating.”

As the largest private-sector employer in Saskatchewan, Nutrien needs a skilled workforce that has the technical training and innovative thinking to move our business forward. Supporting Saskatchewan Polytechnic and hiring their graduates benefits not only Nutrien, but the province of Saskatchewan. Nutrien collaborates with community partners, like Saskatchewan Polytechnic, who share our values, approach, and most importantly will contribute to the impact we seek to make.

“I want people in Saskatchewan to know that not only does Nutrien mine our resources responsibly, but that the company gives back and invests in this community, too,” Kyle says. “I wanted a sustainable, long-term career and it gives me confidence knowing that Nutrien has been a leader in investing locally in the future of our workforce. And I really appreciate the technical skills that I obtained at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This experience has opened many doors and has not limited me to just one aspect of my career within Nutrien.”