WiNTER K is a vital resource in Nutrien’s inclusive workplace

Published: Dec 07, 2022

Nutrien’s Women in Non-Traditional Environments and Roles potash (WiNTER K) employee resource group’s vision is to “normalize women working in the mining industry in any role”. They help support, connect and promote women in technical or non-traditional roles and strive to be a trusted and influential advisor to human resources and the potash leadership team.

Recently, the WiNTER K group – with the support of the WiNTER conference subcommittee and sponsors – hosted a one-day conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where members of the Employee Resource Group (ERG), site allies and leadership from across Nutrien’s potash business unit gathered to collaborate, ask questions and have open and honest conversations about any issues and barriers women are facing in the workplace.


“The WiNTER K conference is important to provide that collaboration portion of Culture of Care,” says Lyndsay Stobbs, WiNTER K Co-Chair and Project Manager, Rocanville Potash.

“I truly believe in the power of diverse teams, and I think the more we can diversify our teams it’s going to make us safer, more innovative and more creative as a group,” says Shannon Rhynold, GM Rocanville.

The attendees participated in a personal brand workshop where Brianne Schuetz, Senior Advisor, Learning and Development, defined what personal brand means, why it’s important, and how we respond when times are difficult reflects on our brand and has an impact on others. She also discussed the importance of continuing to have a growth mindset considering what we can learn from each interaction.

But wait, that’s not all that this outstanding group does!

More on WiNTER K

The Women of the Salt podcast is created and distributed by WiNTER K. The episodes feature Nutrien employees talking candidly about how they are making a difference to improve workplace culture and environment, while incorporating information on lifestyle support and professional development.

The WiNTER K group also provides opportunities for women and men at Nutrien to become allies to support and advocate for an inclusive work environment.

Employee resource groups like WiNTER K are crucial to Nutrien’s Culture of Care by offering a safe platform to exchange ideas, discuss issues and commit to helping each other grow.