Women Leading with Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia

Published: Mar 23, 2023

In Nutrien’s Australian business, nearly 40% of our employees are women. This International Women’s Day, we asked several women leading in Australia for their perspectives on equity, equality and International Women’s Day.

Shelley Nolan, Senior Director Human Resources for Australia, says Nutrien is focused on removing the barriers to create positive and sustainable change.

“Human capital is our greatest asset so we cannot undervalue the responsibility of attracting and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. We currently have a target of 32% of women in leadership roles in our business by 2026, and we will continue to focus our efforts until there is equal representation across the business.”

In Australia, Nutrien’s She Leads in Ag and Women in Leadership Mentoring programs are designed to provide a supported platform to encourage and transition women into management positions within the business.

Carissa Buckland, Director Corporate Affairs and Marketing for Australia, says there is a strong case for pursuing gender equality.

“Inclusive agriculture makes sense. It’s about being more innovative, bold and deliberate. A diverse team will always be able to achieve more and have a greater impact. There’s plenty of research that demonstrates the financial, cultural and operational benefits of having a diverse workforce.”

Sharon Dew leads Australia’s North-East Coastal Division and is encouraging men and women to get behind International Women’s Day.

“I’m excited to be part of the team that is driving positive change in the agriculture sector. International Women’s Day isn’t just a lunch for women, it’s an opportunity for everyone of all backgrounds and genders to make a commitment to being equal partners in everything we do.”