Thank you for your interest in partnering with Nutrien to help grow your community! Please review Nutrien’s eligibility requirements and Nutrien’s three Focus Areas- Sustainable Agriculture/Food Solutions; Environmental Stewardship; Diversity and Inclusion  - before applying. 

We believe the best approach for meaningful impact in our communities is focused, which is why we direct our community investment funds on matters where we can most effectively leverage our unique role and competencies. Community investment is concentrated on the areas that Nutrien is already engaged in through our business. These focus areas reflect our commitment to the pursuit of local food security, environmental stewardship, and communities that are safe and inclusive. 

All Nutrien sites, offices and retail branches use common assessment guidelines, central governance, and company-wide systems for administration and tracking.

However, Nutrien also recognizes that the needs of each community are unique. To make room to support specific needs outside of our focus areas, Nutrien sites, offices and retail branches may also consider initiatives of local urgency or significance, and may take into account feedback from consultation with local community stakeholders. Local representatives and committees assess donation requests for their own location, because we believe that people who live and work in the area are the ones who best understand the unique needs and character of their own communities.

Requests are reviewed regularly throughout the year. The review and response time may take up to 12 weeks, so please allow as much time as possible between the submission date, and when a response is required. All requests for Nutrien funding, including for in-kind donations, must be submitted online. 

To help us understand your request and organization, Nutrien also welcomes information about community engagement or employee volunteer opportunities, success stories and testimonials, or examples of collaboration with other organizations.   


To be eligible to receive Community Investment Funds, organizations must: 

  • Apply online. 
  • Be a registered charity or non-profit. U.S. applications must include a W9 form.

The following are ineligible for Community Investment funding:

  • Organizations or projects that conflict with Nutrien’s interests and values
  • Political organizations and political parties
  • Organizations that discriminate based on culture, gender, sexuality, color, language, national or social origin, economic status, religion, political or other conscientiously held beliefs
  • Religious organizations (unless services provided are non-religious and provide equal access to all)
  • Advocacy groups (including projects that proselytize or advocate political or religious messages)
  • Professional associations
  • Private clubs funded through membership fees
  • Organizations seeking funds for operating budgets or capital funding
  • Organizations seeking Nutrien to be their sole funder
  • Individuals’ fundraising efforts
  • Film/video productions
  • Travel, accommodation and meal expenses for individuals, groups or teams
  • Crowdfunding campaigns (such as Go Fund Me)

Community Investment Application

Questions? Email Community Investment