Nutrien strives to contribute meaningfully to the communities, globally and locally, where we operate. We collaborate with community partners who share our values, approach, and most importantly will contribute to the impact we seek to make.

Driven by our sustainability strategy, and inspired by our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Nutrien supports community initiatives that are aligned with our four Focus Areas and contribute to the desired corresponding focus area goals:

  • Sustainable Agriculture – Increase availability of nutritional food through innovation, education, and advancement of sustainable agriculture
  • Environmental Stewardship – Protect and promote ecosystem health
  • Inclusive Industry – Seed and support a diverse and inclusive industry
  • Resilient Communities – Diverse communities where residents are nourished and supported


Additionally, we have identified and defined the following sub-focus areas including the desired result we seek to achieve through our investments.

Sustainable Agriculture 

We seek to support organizations and projects that increase availability of nutritional food through innovation, education, and advancement of sustainable agriculture in these three key areas:

  • Agricultural Innovation - Focus on working with agricultural leaders to cultivate innovative solutions that contribute to food and agricultural advancement.
  • Community Agriculture - Supporting community partners to grow and integrate sustainable agriculture within the community (e.g., community or school gardens) and make nutritional food available into the local community.
  • Education and Action for Students (K-12) - Focus aimed at youth understanding the importance of sustainable agriculture and taking action to support local food security, now and in the future.

Environmental Stewardship 

We aim to support environmental stewardship initiatives that protect and promote ecosystem health in these three key areas:

  • Local Ecosystem - Focus on working with environmental partners to ensure local ecosystems are replenished and healthy.
  • Community Involvement - Partnering with community organizations who aim to ensure all community members are engaged and do their part to promote local ecosystem health.
  • Education and Action for Students (K-12) - Focus aimed at youth understanding the importance of environmental stewardship and becoming empowered to take action to protect and support our local ecosystems.

Inclusive Industry 

We seek to support diversity and inclusivity in our industry by investing in organizations and programs that support the field and its current and future workforce in these three key areas:

  • Industry Partners - Focus on working with industry partners who are integrating best practices throughout the sector to ensure diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the industry.
  • Grower Inclusivity & Advancement - Aim to ensure underrepresented populations participate, advance, and succeed as growers.
  • Industry workforce - Initiatives to engage and ensure our workforce of today and tomorrow is diverse and inclusive.

Resilient Communities

We aim to invest in organizations and projects that ensure the residents of diverse communities are nourished and supported in these three key areas:

  • Safe and Inclusive Communities - Focus on working with community partners to create safe and inclusive communities where residents are thriving and advancing.
  • Growers - Working to ensure all growers have access to the physical and psychological supports to ensure well-being for themselves and their families.
  • Food Nutrition & Security - Projects focused on ensuring all community members have access to food and remove barriers to food security.

Nutrien builds genuine connection and sustainable results with our communities on the foundations of: Engagement, Volunteerism, Education, Collaboration, and Positive Impact.

  • First and foremost, the purpose of Nutrien’s community relations and investment activities is to have a positive impact in the areas where we live and work. 
  • Nutrien engages with our communities by participating in community events, as members of Community Advisory Panels, Chambers of Commerce and other civic or charitable organizations.
  • Volunteerism is one of the key ways employees actively contribute to the causes that are important to them. Nutrien has several programs designed to encourage, facilitate and reward volunteering.
  • Nutrien is committed to building a broader public understanding of agriculture, farm/rural safety, global sustainability, environmental stewardship, food security, and soil health. Nutrien’s award-winning education programs are an important way in which we contribute to our communities. These programs raise awareness about critical topics for a growing world, as well as the some of the key global initiatives to address them, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Nutrien values authentic and collaborative community engagement. Building partnerships, sharing knowledge, and listening to diverse perspectives are some of the ways we have helped our community partners achieve sustained and impactful results in their projects and programs. 

Please see the Nutrien Community Relations Position for more information on Nutrien’s Community Relations strategy and approach.

2022 Impact at a glance

$33 million invested globally with about 3, 000 Community Partners

Responded to eight disasters in Nutrien communities

Provided $410, 000 in Emergency and Disaster Relief

Engaged with communities across five countries

Supported 24 mining and manufacturing sites, 20 distribution terminals, 2,000 retails locations and 4 corporate offices

Reached 1 million youth

Nutrien worked on agriculture and environmental education programs with 175 partners

Generated $2.1 million to support United Way

Through 16 Nutrien campaigns across three countries, Nutrien was able to create this support

Logged 17,584 hours in employee volunteering

This was a 53% increase from 2021

Supported employee giving

Nutrien matched $1 million in employee donations

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