At Nutrien, we believe sustainability can only be achieved with strong foundations. We embed strong corporate governance systems and principles in our business through oversight from our Board of Directors, strong integrity values that inform our activities, and rigorous systems for cybersecurity and data privacy.  

2020 Performance 2019-2020 Change 2020 Highlights
36% of Board members are women


Renamed our Safety, Health, Environment and Security Committee to Safety & Sustainability (“S&S”) Committee, with a new Chair.
All employees received code of conduct training No change Continued to foster and normalize discussions about Nutrien’s core value of integrity in our everyday work with our Integrity Moments initiative.
8,750 employees participated in focused cybersecurity training for higher-risk business areas image-20210325063841-311% Trained employees and contractors on phishing attacks and cybersecurity during the elevated cyberthreat landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Transforming Agriculture: Our 2030 Commitments.


For further sustainability information please see our 2021 ESG Report.