Our 2030 commitment

Leverage our farm-focused technology partnerships and investments to drive positive impact in industry and grower innovation and inclusion.

Bold leadership and new opportunities are required to help stakeholders impacted by historical inequities and disparities in agriculture.

Our 2021 progress

Nutrien’s investments in cutting-edge technology, research and developments bring new solutions to advance the industry. Nutrien is increasing our focus on opportunities to partner with diverse businesses and start-ups and has launched an Inclusion Challenge with Radicle Growth that will take place in 2022. The challenge is a pitch competition where Nutrien and Radicle Growth partner to invest in the top diverse ag-tech innovators, such as women and BIPOC entrepreneurs around the world. Similar to supply chain diversity, applying an equity, diversity and inclusion ("EDI") lens to investments in innovation provides an opportunity for accelerating inclusion.


Nutrien’s investments in cutting-edge agriculture technology bring new solutions to improve practices, products and services. In Nutrien’s assessment of new opportunities, we will seek to partner with businesses and start-ups that not only deliver exceptional value, but bring a commitment to meaningful contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) efforts. Leveraging innovation for inclusion is a new initiative and Nutrien is currently exploring how to effectively measure and assess impact.


Nutrien invests in research and development to advance the agriculture industry. Our relationship with growers allows us to pilot new solutions in real-life conditions and provide an accelerated path to market. 

Nutrien will increase its focus on opportunities to partner with diverse businesses and start-ups and will promote diversity across all partnerships and investments. In addition to our ongoing efforts to diversify our workforce and supply chains, Nutrien will seek to increase diversity in partnership opportunities along with a strategy for all partners to have commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). 

Our efforts will extend beyond ensuring fair consideration is offered for all opportunities and also include mentorship and capacity building for diverse partners, as well as support for partners that need help shaping their EDI commitments. 

Nutrien also has extensive research farms that can offer unique opportunities for diverse partners and grower groups. These opportunities will help strengthen relationships, increase understanding of challenges, and identify how Nutrien can best provide services and solutions.


Similar to supply chain diversity, investments in innovation provide an opportunity for accelerating inclusion.

Our approach

ESG Report

ESG report

See our ESG report for full details on our progress.

Representative Workforce

Representative workforce

At Nutrien, everyone belongs and together, we all grow. Join our team.

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Radicle Challenge

2022 Radicle Challenge

The challenge is a one-day pitch competition and two winners will be selected, each of whom will receive $250,000 and strategic advice, capital formation, and introductions to Nutrien's senior leaders and partners.

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