About Nutrien's phosphate product portfolio

Nutrien is the second largest North American phosphate producer, with two large integrated phosphate facilities and four regional product upgrade facilities in the US. The high quality of our phosphate rock enables production of a diverse mix of phosphate products, including solid and liquid fertilizers, feed and industrial acids.

This flexibility allows us to optimize our product mix during changing market conditions. We sell the majority of our product in the North American market and benefit from our extensive distribution network and customer relationships. Fertilizer sales historically represent approximately 75 percent of our phosphate sales.  

How is phosphate produced?

Phosphate Infographic

What is phosphate and where does it come from?

Phosphorous (P) is present in every living cell, both plant and animal. Phosphate is crucial to key energy reactions in plants, including photosynthesis, speeding maturity and reproduction, and increasing yield. In animals, phosphate is a critical component in biochemical reactions essential to muscle contraction and normal body growth, maintenance and repair. 

Most of the world's phosphate is mined from underground deposits formed by marine sediment.

What is phosphate used for?



  • Required for energy storage and transfer
  • Speeds crop maturity


  • Assists in muscle repair and skeletal development of animals


  • Used in soft drinks, food additives and metal treatments

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