Doors open at new Experience Centers in Brazil

Published: Nov 02, 2021

A new era in Brazilian ag retail began on October 26, when Nutrien Soluções Agrícolas officially opened the first five Nutrien Experience Centers to raise the bar on innovation, connection and partnership with our growers in Brazil.

"Agribusiness has changed over the years through the adoption of technologies," says André Dias, VP, Managing Director, Latin America. "Brazil is a world benchmark in agricultural sustainable productivity, with indices tripling on the same hectare of land. As a result, service to the farmer can no longer be the same."

First five experience centers launched, seven more coming this year

Centro de Experiência Nutrien - UBERLÂNDIA (MG) 1

The first five experience centers are located in São Paulo, Patos de Minas, Uberaba, Patrocínio, Uberlândia and Coromandel, and the company plans to open seven more this year.

They will provide growers with agriculture input support related to products, service, technology and financial management needs – by using cutting-edge interaction and delivery methods.

Our experts at the experience centers will help growers improve their results and management practices, giving practical recommendations in the field, providing access to a digital platform that helps in detailed agricultural planning, and uses technologies that can help increase crop profitability. The experience centers also provide complete office facilities for growers to use while they're in the city.

"The experience centers are designed to create an experience for connection and knowledge expansion," says Carlos Brito, General Director for Nutrien Soluções Agrícolas. "We provide a broad portfolio of products and services, intelligent logistics and specialized consultants, as well as differentiated information through digital tools. Nutrien brings to the market what the farmer needs, with partnership and trust at the center of every decision and every action."

Take a look through the new Nutrien Experience Centers