Elevating the Indigenous voices who help us to learn and grow at Nutrien

Published: Jun 20, 2024

Nutrien has a decades-long track record working with Indigenous Peoples and communities in proximity to our potash operations in Canada. We develop relationships based on mutual respect and trust, a shared understanding of issues, and collaborative problem-solving.

In celebration of National Indigenous History Month, we are pleased to draw attention to two of our partners. “Each of these organizations are instrumental to our learning journey at Nutrien,” says Tim Faveri, Vice President, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations, “and we are so grateful for the time their people have spent with ours in support of growth and deeper understanding.”

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

“For over a decade, Wanuskewin has worked hand in hand with our partners at Nutrien. This incredible support has meant sponsored admission days, festivals, and a massive renovation to Cultural Centre facilities. Today, that support continues, as Nutrien was one of the first community partners to stand behind our UNESCO Ready Campaign. This campaign is recognized as being an important opportunity for us to showcase Northern Plains Indigenous Cultures on a global stage. Together, we are working together to build a better future.” Andrew McDonald, Director of Marketing and Communications at Wanuskewin Heritage Park.


Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) pawâcikêwikamik: Nutrien MakerLodge

“SIIT is thankful for the long-time partnership with Nutrien. In 2012, PotashCorp recognized the critical need that wraparound supports addressed for our students and provided the resources to create the Nutrien Student Success Centre at SIIT’s Saskatoon Campus. This space hosts hundreds of peers annually directly addressing student services leading to success. Nutrien time and time again has stepped in to ensure our students and our learning community have the spaces they need to learn, grow and innovate. In 2021, Nutrien once again led the corporate community in reconciliation by being the first private sector partner to sign on to support pawâcikêwikamik: the Innovation Collective. We were still discovering what a truly Indigenous accelerator/incubator would look like, but Nutrien signed on as the title sponsor of the Nutrien MakerLodge and provided SIIT with the latitude to explore an iterative-community drive development model. The results have been transformative for Saskatchewan Indigenous Innovation ecosystem with over 1,000 training hours, 313 workshops provided and over 48 First Nations businesses supported. Whether it be conferences, events, or major projects, Nutrien is there, recognizing the important role SIIT plays in providing the Indigenous skills labour force the province needs to grow and thrive. Their partnership is not transactional but generational and we value it tremendously.” Riel Bellegarde, President & CEO SIIT

We value the perspectives shared with us because we care about the lives and communities we affect. We are proud to align our efforts with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #92 for the corporate sector in Canada. We acknowledge the role we play and are committed to taking intentional actions in support of Indigenous Peoples.