Nutrien Ag Solutions scientists help growers optimize soil health and maintain land for future generations

Published: Aug 30, 2023

Wade Kent has been farming with his dad since he was 17 years old. Wade studied crop physiology, agronomy and soil science in college and now works as a full-time agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions. He’s one of many agronomists who serve as a Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultant, pairing a passion for science and land preservation with a commitment to service to help maintain farms for years to come.

Helping growers with an expansive team

The Nutrien Ag Solutions Agronomy and Environmental Science team consists of more than 50 agronomists across the country who offer recommendations backed by science to help growers succeed year after year.

“The agronomic services and knowledge we have, ranging from variable rates, fertilizers, seeding, scouting, - provides essential insight and science-backed solutions for farmers,” says Clara Millsaps, Senior Advisor for Regional Agronomy for the South Region.

Nutrien Ag Solutions scientists, like Clara and Wade, partner with local growers to develop agronomic plans accounting for soil, air, water, crop and more. They precisely pinpoint proper product application techniques and cycle length to fully optimize soil to minimize runoff and waste, and meet the specific needs of any field.

Using big data to refine a localized approach

Nutrien Ag Solutions’ agronomist's customized approach ensures customers are getting the best, most up-do-date information for their specific location.

“Not every farm is the same. Not every field across the fence is the same as the one next to it,” says Wade. “There are a lot of variables - from soil type, grower practices, equipment used, fertilizer type and more - and Nutrien has the ability to refine recommendations based on a robust localized dataset.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions’ unique combination of digital agronomy applications, combined with in-house soil and tissue testing through Waypoint Analytical, provides a high-resolution approach to agronomy. Through these programs, Nutrien Ag Solutions can provide an agronomic experience that better serves our customers, and maximizes their investments in their equipment.

Prioritizing sustainability for the next generation

Growers have been sustainably farming for centuries. It’s a practice that maintains the land and soil for generations. Nutrien Ag Solutions’ team of experts help optimize the sustainable practices that are already in place. The farm of the future will likely utilize robotics and AI technology, but one thing will remain the same: the soil is key. Sustainable practices are instrumental to ensure the most productive and profitable operation that stands the test of time.

As for Wade, he plans to keep prioritizing an agronomic approach for his family farm, with science at the forefront.

“You don’t want to see your soil blowing away. You don’t want to see it running down the river and you don’t want to see your family’s legacy doing the same thing,” says Wade. “You want to pass on something better to the next generation.”