Wetlands restoration at Nutrien’s White Springs, FL and Aurora, NC Phosphate sites

Published: Apr 18, 2023

Wetlands play an integral role in improving water quality and supporting biodiversity. Nutrien creates, restores and enhances wetlands at our White Springs, FL and Aurora, NC Phosphate mine sites.

For every wetland acre impacted, we are required to restore or create up to two wetland acres that are often more diverse and productive than prior to disturbance. Areas restored to wetlands are either marginal agricultural lands or monoculture pine plantations that are restored by planting a wide variety of native wetland trees and shrubs, to support biodiversity. Since the late 1970s, we have reclaimed nearly 30,000 acres of mined land and restored 10,000 acres of off-site wetlands at both mine sites, planting approximately 30 million trees.

“Nutrien provides exceptional wetland habitat through our wetland restoration program. Our wetland habitats provide refuge for many species of animals that either live directly in the wetlands or depend on them for food, water, and nesting opportunities,” says Mike Batts, Environmental Supervisor, White Springs. “Several of these animals are listed species (endangered, threatened, or species of special concern) and Nutrien’s wetland restoration and protection programs provide habitat for these animals to thrive.”

See what these ongoing efforts look like at our White Springs facility.