We are strong advocates for child and youth education and have spent over a decade teaching the next generation about key topics such as sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, farm safety and leadership development. 

Nutrien is a proud community partner on a variety of FREE YOUTH EDUCATION PROGRAMS. These programs were developed in collaboration with teachers and industry experts to ensure they are factual, STEM curriculum-based and interactive.


Education Programs

Seed Survivor

Elementary students learn how to grow healthy plants and the importance of agriculture.

  • Approx. 100,000 students planted sunflower seeds last year
  • Six displays tour North America year-round:
    • One 35x35 foot exhibit visits large state fairs
    • Two mobile classrooms visit registered schools with presenters who deliver student presentations
    • Three 10x12 foot displays visit community events (displays are in SK, AB, CO)
  • Videos, games and activities are available online

Visit: Seed Survivor

Caring for Our Watersheds

Students research their local watershed, identify an environmental concern, and come up with one realistic solution in this environmental contest.

  • Community judges select the top 10 proposals to compete in a final competition for cash prizes
  • Community partners help students turn their ideas into reality
  • Implemented over 460 student-led projects since 2009
  • 10 contest areas -
    • Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario
    • USA: California, Colorado, Ohio, Chesapeake Bay 
    • Argentina: Buenos Aires
  • Typically offered for grades 7-12

Visit: Caring for Our Watersheds

Journey 2050

Grade 7-12 students experience agriculture like it’s never been taught before in this school program based on world food sustainability.

  • Teacher lesson plans and student-led experience options available
  • Students explore sustainable agriculture and make inquiry-based decisions to see the ripple effect on social, economic and environmental factors
  • Farm families across the world guide students through interactive games such as an online farm simulation and career avatar

Visit: Journey 2050

Farmers 2050

Tied to Journey 2050, this farm game is fun for all ages.

  • Based on real agriculture, players grow crops, raise livestock, craft and sell goods
  • Players participate in team-based challenges to win special prizes in the game
  • Some challenges are for fun and some showcase real life donations
  • There are no ads or in-app fees
  • Download from iOS and Google Play.  

Visit: Farmers 2050

Global Hero

This game showcases the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  •  Features 17 mini games 
  • Player solve time sensitive puzzles related to each SDG
  • Fun for all ages
  • There are no ads or in-app fees
  • Download from iOS and Google Play
Nutrients for Life Virtual Reality

This game is completely immersive and educational.

  • Virtually farm to feed and water a crop
  • Follow the 4R’s (right source, rate, time and place) to win
  • Each round is 90 seconds
  • The game requires an Oculus headset for the full immersed experience and is available for download from the STEAM VR Store
  • Play a desktop version on www.SeedSurvivor.com 

Virtual Youth Education

As teachers and parents adjust to school closures and staying safe during COVID-19, access to virtual learning options has never been more important. Many of our youth education resources can be used at home. 

Seed Survivor

All the games available in our displays are also offered on the Seed Survivor website. Plus, visitors can access agriculture eLearning activities, videos, recipes, posters and much more! The online resources will help elementary students (grades 1-6) learn that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.  

Journey 2050

This program is fully available online. We’ve added resources to make virtual delivery even easier for teachers and parents including step-by-step guides, and a new innovative eLearning option developed by our partners at National Agriculture in the Classroom and National Center for Agricultural Literacy. The additional resources will make it even easier for grade 7-12 students explore world food sustainability from home!

The educational games Farmers 2050, Global Hero, and Nutrients for Life Virtual Reality are also great options to extend learning at home.

For more information on our community partners, agricultural education programs, and distance learning resources, please visit Growing the Next Generation

Questions? Contact: [email protected]