We are strong advocates for child and youth education and have spent over a decade teaching the next generation about key topics such as farm safety, sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship and leadership development. 

We collaborate with stakeholders across the globe in the development and implementation of educational programming.


Seed Survivor Watershed 


Virtual Youth Education
As teachers and parents adjust to school closures and staying safe during COVID-19, access to virtual learning options is extremely important. Nutrien is a proud community partner on a variety of distance learning youth education resources that students can use at home.

Seed Survivor
All the games available in our displays are also offered on the Seed Survivor website. Plus, visitors can access agriculture eLearning activities, videos, recipes, posters and much more! The online resources will help elementary students (grades 1-6) learn that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.  

Journey 2050
This program is fully available online. We’ve added resources to make virtual delivery even easier for teachers and parents including step-by-step guides, and a new innovative eLearning option developed by our partners at National Agriculture in the Classroom and National Center for Agricultural Literacy. The additional resources will make it even easier for grade 7-12 students explore world food sustainability from home!

Farmers 2050
Tied to Journey 2050, this free farm game allows players to virtually farm from the palm of their hand! This game is fun for all ages. There are no ads or in-app fees. It is available on iOS and Google Play.  

Global Hero
Nutrien created Global Hero, a free game showcasing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here a player has access to 17 mini games where they need to solve time sensitive puzzles. Download from iOS and Google Play

For more information on all our community partners, agricultural education programs, and eLearning resources, please visit Growing the Next Generation.