Nutrien Ag Solutions employees are ACE’ing it at safety

Published: May 03, 2022

We’re proud to celebrate the 2021 winners of the ACE Safety Recognition Program.

Our employees put safety first, on and off the job – and we’re excited to celebrate their efforts through the ACE Safety Recognition Program.

Across the Nutrien Ag Solutions retail branches and Loveland Products facilities in North America, employees are recognized for acting, caring and excelling at safety. Last year, we announced the inaugural winners, and the program’s momentum has continued to grow. In 2020, 164 employees were nominated – this past year, that number was nearly tripled, with 484 nominees.

We’re proud to feature Travis Schmitt and Amanda Glodek – the 2021 winners.


Travis Schmitt – Nutrien Ag Solutions

Extending Nutrien’s safety culture outside of work is how Travis Schmitt, Marketing Manager, Wholesale Customer Service, helped rescue a struggling swimmer.

One evening while out boating, Travis noticed some people swimming in the water near their boat about a quarter mile away from him. As he got closer, he realized they were struggling. The people in the other boat moved to help one of the swimmers, so Travis directed his boat to help another who had moved in the opposite direction.

“Once I reached the man in the lake, I could see that he was exhausted, no longer treading water and barely able to keep his head above the waves,” Travis explains. “I threw a water floatation device out and he hardly had the energy to wrap his hands around it. After allowing him to regain some strength, I dropped the ladder of my boat and jumped in the water to help him up. He rested until he had enough energy to safely return to his boat.”

Travis’ quick reaction and safety mindset made him one of last year’s winners of the ACE Safety Recognition Program.

“While directing my boat towards him, I was reviewing CPR steps and my plan to help him – I’m CPR certified thanks to Nutrien training,” says Travis. “Nutrien’s focus on safety keeps employees aware of their surroundings and potential hazards on and off site, and safety training allows us to recognize, act and help in the event of an incident. It’s great to work for a company that puts safety at the forefront of everything.”

Amanda Glodek – Loveland Products

Nutrien’s safety culture hits close to home for Amanda Glodek, who works as a Technician in the Loveland Products Quality Lab.

“My dad and brother both had serious, life-altering workplace injuries, and their companies did not have safety as a core value,” says Amanda. “I’ve seen and felt the impact of what happens with a ‘just get it done no matter what’ mindset, so I appreciate the safety-first environment at Nutrien.”

After starting in her role here, Amanda noticed that safety is everyone’s responsibility at Nutrien, and she has quickly become a safety role model.

“As I saw others keeping an eye out for my safety, I began to understand what it means to have a Culture of Care,” she says. “I started to input hazards into our tracking system and saw our work environment continue to change and become safer because of the hazard IDs. I also make safety a priority by wearing PPE, taking time to assess new situations and questioning things that don’t seem right.”

Amanda was named one of last year’s ACE Safety Recognition Program winners for making safety a top priority and caring for those around her.

“I know that so many people across the company have a safety mindset and are doing things the safe way on a daily basis,” she says. “Having a program that celebrates those actions and helps to grow our core value of safety is amazing, and I feel honored to be recognized.”