Nutrien’s underground mine rescue teams place in top ranks in all events at the SMA’s Emergency Response Mine Rescue Competition

Published: Jun 24, 2024


That is the word that Nutrien’s potash leadership, site general managers, and employees used when talking about our mine rescue teams’ dedication to keeping our employees and communities safe.

Recently, the Saskatchewan Mining Association hosted its 54th annual Emergency Response Mine Rescue Competition where Nutrien’s mine rescue teams from our six potash mines competed against a dozen other mine sites across the province to display their highly qualified and proficient skills in 7 separate events.

We are proud to say that our teams were named as both the winners and runner up at all 7 events. Our Cory mine was awarded the Overall Underground Winner, and our Lanigan mine was awarded the Overall Runner Up.

Members of our mine rescue teams are highly trained, dedicated individuals who volunteer to be a critical part of our operations. They are the ones who are running toward the emergency, not away from it. These individuals are a tremendous resource, both to the mines and the community that they live in. We can’t emphasize enough the importance and impact that they have on our organization.


A message from our mines

"Mine Rescue and Emergency Response is like insurance you have but never want to use. The training time and dedication that the members commit to has them prepared for when they are called upon to help fellow workers,” says Trevor Hallborg, Safety Coordinator (ERT), Cory. “Year after year, we are consistently impressed with the performance of all the Nutrien teams, and the standings are always close, adding to the competitive spirit. Cory is extremely proud of the team being awarded Overall Underground Winner.”

“Our Emergency Response team members and coaches are a great example of the Culture of Care in action because they have selflessly volunteered and put in the hard work to learn and hone the skills necessary to respond when needed to help their co-workers or others in any situation at work or home,” says Rob Jackson, General Manager, Lanigan. “The Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) hosts a world class mine rescue competition to allow all teams in the province to showcase their skills and I am so impressed with everyone that participated, especially all the Nutrien teams who performed at a very high level.  I want to say congratulations to all the competitors and to the provincial champions Nutrien Cory!”

“Our Emergency Response Teams are truly the lifelines of not only our sites but also our communities.  These teams are made up of individuals that are highly trained to respond in times of crisis and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people when it is needed most,” says Justin Young, General Manager, Rocanville.  I want to congratulate all the Nutrien teams that participated in the recent provincial competition.  The demonstration of your emergency response skills was world class, and I am beyond proud to work alongside you and feel safer coming to work because of you!  Congrats and thank you.”

“Every competition I am impressed at the dedication and skill level of our Mine Rescue and Emergency Response volunteers,” says Les Frehlich, General Manager, Allan.  “It gives me reassurance that our sites are well prepared to respond to a real emergency, thanks to their efforts.”

“We are all grateful and proud of the people who have the courage and dedication to volunteer and take on the responsibility of joining the emergency response teams,” says Ross George, Mill Maintenance Superintendent, Patience Lake. “The skills they develop through their training and these competitions enable them to keep their colleagues, friends and families safe both onsite and in our communities.”