Geismar phosphate operations closure plan and settlements

Nutrien agrees to settlements for legacy environmental concerns as part of phosphate operations closure at Geismar.

Today, we are announcing settlements with State and Federal environmental regulators regarding legacy environmental issues associated with our closed phosphate operations at Nutrien’s Geismar, Louisiana facility. Geismar ceased phosphate operations in December 2018 and has been actively working to close the gypsum stack system and construct a process water treatment system. This work started even before closure of the phosphate operations. At this time, gypstack closure is largely complete and water treatment is underway. These settlements merely document Nutrien’s commitment to completing this closure and water treatment work as well as establish standards for future maintenance of the stack system. 

Nutrien has long been cooperating with State and Federal authorities, and these settlements formally document the work Nutrien has done, and continues to do, as part of the permanent closure of the phosphate processing facility and associated gypsum stacks, including the ongoing treatment of the wastewater as required.  

“Safety and environmental protection are key priorities for Nutrien. We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations, and to developing products and innovative solutions that help growers enhance their productivity and sustainability. 

We have long been working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) to resolve issues relative to legacy phosphate operations at the site in Geismar. Those operations were closed in December 2018. These settlements essentially document mitigation efforts that were initiated even before operations ceased.

These agreements allow us to focus on new projects like the potential construction at our Geismar site of the world’s largest clean ammonia plant and to further reduce our environmental footprint at the site. We are proud community members in Louisiana and take our responsibility to care for the environment seriously. As such, we will continue to advance ongoing efforts in an environmentally protective manner.”

Statement from Richard Holder, GM, Nutrien Geismar

PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, L.P. (PCS) Geismar intends to provide pertinent information to the community during the facility decommissioning. Please visit this page to obtain timely information. PCS will update the site periodically as the decommissioning progresses.  

To contact us directly please email: 

1.    Demolition Completed:

Demolition of the phosphoric acid process equipment began on Monday, February 10, 2020.  Last month PCS completed demolition of the following equipment from the closed phosphoric acid facility:

  • All above ground equipment has been demolished to this point. No demolition work took place during the month of October. However, there were two loads of NORM regulated waste equipment that were shipped out of State during the month of October.

2.    Demolition in Progress:

PCS is in the process of demolishing the following equipment from the closed phosphoric acid facility:

  • None anticipated for the month of November

3.    Demolition Work Scheduled to Begin Next Month: 

  • None 

4.    Recycling & Wastes Shipped Offsite:

  • NORM Wastes – 29,940 lbs/14.97 tons