KPCL Follows Playbook for Success

Changing attitudes toward diversity and inclusion may seem like moving mountains. At Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. (KPCL), they took the same straightforward approach they use for moving earth.

The Estevan-based construction and underground services company turned to Nutrien’s Indigenous Content Playbook to shape their plan for a sustainable future.

“We’re building today for tomorrow – and we’re doing that with the support of Nutrien” says Mary Panteluk, Vice President of Human Resources at KPCL and granddaughter of the company founder. “Whether it’s engagement with our employees, supply chain throughout the levels, or getting involved in community initiatives, they’re helping us build today for tomorrow.”

KPCL, formed in 1953 by Walter Panteluk, employs more than 200 people in Saskatchewan and has been active at Nutrien’s potash sites for more than a decade. Seeing Nutrien’s commitment to diversity led KPCL to explore a path to a sustainable future.

Three years later, KPCL has increased its percentage of Indigenous employees from 15 percent to 23 percent, spent more than $1.7 million with Indigenous suppliers, formed a partnership with Saskatoon Tribal Council and engaged with numerous community organizations.

Panteluk says Nutrien’s leadership and willingness to work with suppliers is helping more Saskatchewan companies find the proper ways to address diversity and support economic reconciliation. As a result, KPCL is seeing tangible benefits in its relationships with customers, employees and community.

“We’ve really expanded in terms of increasing our awareness of who we are as a company – that we are a diversified and equal opportunity employer,” she says. “I think that really helps in terms of our current or even past employees letting their friends and family know that we’re a good place to work for and we’re a good place to work with.”