Environmental Impacts of Products

Reducing the environmental impacts from the agricultural products we manufacture and sell is one way we can help our customers manage the increasing environmental and societal pressures they face. As a leader in sustainable agriculture, we continue to offer growers products and technologies with a lower environmental impact and facilitate the adoption of agronomic best practices.

Key environmental impacts ambitions:

ESG Performance Goal/Target


  • Complete risk evaluation profiles of NPK (fertilizer) manufactured products by 2023

Our Approach:

The need to feed a growing population while minimizing the environmental impacts of agriculture is an opportunity for Nutrien to provide the right technological solutions for growers’ most pressing challenges: maximizing nutrient use efficiency, minimizing nutrient loss to air and water, and increasing crop quality and yields through the use of innovative products and agronomic services.


The main sources of environmental impacts related to the application of crop inputs at the farm level are: 

  • Emissions to air 

  • Loss to water 

  • Impacts to land  

  • Use of chemicals

We make informed decisions about product suitability and use based on available science and empirical evidence. We promote the safe and responsible use of our products by providing information to customers on appropriate use, handling and application. We have a strong product stewardship program to manage environmental and safety impacts while maintaining product functionality. Our recent acquisitions and innovations have also increased our ag biological portfolio of products.


We promote sustainable nutrient management for increased food production in an economically viable way while retaining the ecological integrity of food systems. We provide advice to growers that is aligned with the 4R Nutrient Stewardship System (“4Rs”) in North America and Fertcare in Australia. Both organizations promote the adoption of best practices in fertilizer application. Where appropriate, the 4Rs include conservation practices like reducing tillage, planting cover crops and structural waterway protection.


At Nutrien, we believe in working alongside our growers and sharing our expertise to achieve the best possible outcomes together.

Across North America, we offer various forms of training and educational materials to teach growers about our industry leading portfolio of products and services using online training tools, including a wide range of educational videos. Our product videos focus on applications, products and enhancements for growers, and have had approximately 15,300 views in 2020.

We trained more than 2,000 Brazilian growers in 2020 during educational sessions on soil fertility, plant nutrition and plant physiology. In Brazil, there are an additional 480 students enrolled in our online education program called Agrichem Nutrition Academy. The program includes 34 classes related to plant nutrition and crop management best practices.

Nutrien’s Model Farm and Agricultural Resource Centre in Trinidad and Tobago is a state-of-the-art 75-acre facility that offers free training to local farmers and students, with ongoing access to experts and best practices for sustainable crop production and profitable farm enterprises. In 2020, the Model Farm hosted 410 training course participants.



Product stewardship is the act of minimizing the risk while maximizing the health, safety, environmental and social benefits of a product throughout its lifecycle stages. We strive to improve our product sustainability profile across procurement, product development, manufacturing, distribution and end-use application. Nutrien’s Safety, Health and Environment (“SH&E”) Management System integrates product stewardship-related topics of regulatory compliance, chemical classification, supply chain risk, environmental and sustainability impacts, and safe use information.

Research and Development

We create superior value for our stakeholders through the products and solutions we provide. Nutrien’s research and development (“R&D”) programs are designed to provide science-based solutions to the agronomic challenges that agriculture and our grower customers face today and in the future. Our R&D teams focus on innovative solutions for nutrient efficiency, micronutrient deficiency, crop quality, sustainability and yield enhancement.

Innovation Partnerships

Our research teams work across disciplines internally and externally with our innovation partner companies, as well as in partnership with leading research universities. Collaborating with third parties that have expertise in specific fields is a cornerstone of the Nutrien Ag Solutions R&D strategy.


Nutrien offers products, services and technologies that have multiple environmental benefits:

Toolbox of products and services

Feeding the Future Plan

Transforming Agriculture: Our 2030 Commitments.