Soil Health

Many of Nutrien’s products and services are provided to directly support soil health because healthy soil is the foundation for life on this planet and is the grower’s greatest asset for crop production and yield improvement. Improving soil health also results in increased ability for the soil to store carbon, increased biodiversity, plant disease suppression and farm productivity.

Key soil health ambition:

2030 Commitments


  • Enable growers to adopt sustainable and productive agricultural products and practices on 75 million acres globally by 2030

Our Approach:

Nutrien Ag Solutions is a leader in the agriculture industry through our scale, efficiency and innovative offerings. We provide growers with whole-acre solutions that support soil health, including a full suite of products, services and solutions, based on sound agronomic advice and analytics.

Focusing on soil health requires an integrated systems approach. We consider the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil to determine its capacity to function as a productive and stable ecosystem. Our agronomists develop customized short-term and long-term strategies to support growers’ goals for soil health and farm productivity. By focusing on soil health, we also mitigate potential physical risks related to climate change and enhance grower profitability, making this an important component of Nutrien’s Carbon Program

Nutrien Ag Solutions has direct access to innovative technology and diagnostics, along with more than 3,600 agronomists and field experts working directly with growers from 2,000 locations globally. Our experts, in partnership with our grower customers, provide agronomic advice throughout each growing season.

Soil Health

Our whole-acre solutions begin with strategic field planning, followed by precise application of crop inputs during the growing season, and end with measurement to quantify results and analytics to inform next season’s program.

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For a grower, the field planning process begins with previous harvest, soil and other available data that can be loaded into our digital hub for analysis. Soil testing enables us to make specific recommendations for growers with products and application rates that supplement and optimize nutrient balance in the soil. Nutrien has nine agricultural labs across our North American operations to test field samples including soil, plant tissue and water, including Waypoint Analytical


Through our industry-leading platform, the Nutrien Ag Solutions Digital Hub, crop advisors can provide the best advice to growers regarding which products to apply, along with the right rate, time and place, based on current and predicted conditions. This platform combines location, agronomic information (crop physiology, soil characteristics, and pest or disease impact), environmental data (precipitation, temperature), weather forecasting, and data science to make field-specific recommendations for growers. These crop management solutions help growers calculate their return on investment, maximize product efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


Seed: Every season starts by selecting the right seed and seed treatments for a grower’s unique growing conditions. We provide customers access to a broad portfolio of leading-edge genetics and only offer products that meet the highest quality standards.  

Plant nutrition: The nutrients we supply are essential for growing healthy crops. Our macronutrient products include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, with secondary nutrient products containing calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Our micronutrient formulations, consisting of boron, iron, manganese and zinc, are also essential for plant growth in very small quantities. Mineral and organic nutrient sources provide biological system support to organisms in the ecosystem that need them. We have numerous enhanced nutritional products that also improve the environmental performance, including

  • Environmentally Smart Nitrogen ("ESN")
  • Nitrogen inhibitors and stabilizers
  • Micronized Sulfur Technology ("MST") integrated into ammonium-phosphate fertilizer ("MAP")
  • Biofertility products. 

Nutrien continues to develop new products to support soil health. We have invested in or acquired companies like Actagro, Agricen and CH Biotech that develop products to complement natural interactions between soil and crops, bringing innovative products to our retail network. Known as ag biologicals, this diverse group of products is derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts, beneficial insects or other organic matter, and includes biostimulants and biocatalysts that enhance microbial activity, increase nutrient availability and uptake, and improve plant response to stressful conditions.

Crop protection: Proper crop protection takes research, planning and the right mix of products to protect the grower’s investment. Crop protection products are designed to maintain crop quality and minimize yield losses by managing plant diseases, weeds and pests.  


A key component of the Digital Hub is Agrible, which has significant data science capabilities to measure, benchmark and empower sustainable crop production. It also enhances data traceability and connectivity to leading agricultural, food and consumer products companies who want to measure the environmental impact of agriculture in their supply chain, providing access to additional market opportunities and incentives for growers. The metrics can be anonymized and aggregated for these partners. Learn More.


Nutrien acquired Agbridge, a wireless data transport system that enables real-time information transfer between equipment, advisors and growers. It uses a hardware device capable of working with a wide variety of farming equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. Agbridge brings precision agriculture to reality in field operations by combining our agronomists’ application prescription with GPS and turnby-turn field information, and then supplying “as applied” data for analysis and decision making.


Feeding the Future Plan

Transforming Agriculture: Our 2030 Commitments.